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2018 Graduation Graced by the SARPCCO Chairperson

HARARE, ZIMBABWE, 29th November 2018- Inspector General of the Zambia Police Service Mr. Kakoma Kanganja who is also the Chairperson of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (SARPCCO) today officiated at a graduation ceremony of 27 Law Enforcement Officers drawn from SARPCCO Member States held at the Centre of Excellence located at the Interpol Regional Bureau for Southern Africa (RB Harare).
In his speech, Mr.Kanganja observed that cooperation among SARPCCO member states in fighting Transnational Organized Crime was significant as individual countries can achieve durable peace and tranquility unless peace is secured in the entire trouble spot countries world over. He said the organization remains an active player in international policing under the banner of SARPCCO-SADC.
He added that it was indeed gratifying to note that the organization has continued to enjoy mutual and multilateral cooperation particularly in the field of investigation of cross border crime, capacity building and human resource development. ‘‘We have collectively embraced the philosophy that, your own house will never be safe when your neighbour’s house is on fire. We therefore, applaud SARPCCO for uniting us in this virtuous and principled fight against crime,’’ he said.
He further said that the SARPCCO Centre of Excellence was a beacon of hope for the realization of the SADC vision of a peaceful Southern Africa that will promote sustainable development and that the knowledge acquired by the participants during this developmental exercise had transformed them into better and more professional deliverers of a dynamic and unique policing services to the people.
Mr. Kanganja has urged the graduates to strive to make a difference in the regional policing landscape and further urged them to nurture the network of professional interaction for the sustenance of international police cooperation. He explained that the diploma program offered by the SARPCCO Centre of Excellence was designed to capacitate Police Officers in middle management positions with robust skills and knowledge which is fundamental in effective policing ans also to inculcate a common policing culture in the Southern African region.
Calling on graduands to remain ambassadors of change and development towards creating crime free societies in the region and beyond, the SARPCCO Chairperson said that enhancing cooperation among member states should remain at the epicenter of collective efforts by all member states.
And Head of Interpol Regional Bureau for Southern Africa (RB Harare), Mr Mubita Nawa said the complexity of crime exacerbated by the ever improving technological advancement, where the world has become a global village, calls for enhanced and high level international police cooperation. He said this is in line with SADC’s objective of achieving sustainable development through social-economic cooperation and integration as well as political and security cooperation among the member states. ‘‘Being the first regional Police Organization in Africa, SARPCCO has firmly established itself as a benchmark of regional and international police cooperation in Africa,’’ he said. Mr. Nawa added that the idea of SARPCCO Centre of Excellence is seen as a necessary tool in responding to the challenges associated with the continuous changes in the policing landscape.
And University of Zimbabwe Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Mapfumo said it was gratifying to note that over the years more and more police officers have continued to sharpen their knowledge and skills especially at tertiary level. ‘‘To that end, it is our profound desire that the SARPCCO Centre of Excellence remains an institution of choice for human capital development, and in the frontiers of contemporary policing in the region and beyond.
Among the dignitaries present was the representative of the SADC Executive Secretary, Mr. Jorge Cardoso who is also the Director of the Organ on Politics Defence and Security Affairs, Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police Comrade Tandabantu Godwin Matanga, Memebers of the Diplomatic Corp, Academics from the University of Zimbabwe and representatives from SARPCCO member states. All the participants were awarded with a Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from the Centre which is an Associate College of the University of Zimbabwe. SARPCCO came into existence following a meeting of the council of Police Chiefs at Mananga Training and Conference Centre in the Royal Kindom of Swaziland now Eswatini in 1994 and the subsequent Annual General Meeting of the Police Chiefs in 1995 at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Among the objectives of SARPCCO which has a current membership of 16 states, is fostering sustainable peace and security in the region. The SARPCCO Centre of Excellence was officially opened on 21st May, 2015 and offers courses in international Policing, Transnational Organized Crime, Strategic Management and Leadership of Police organizations.
Esther Mwata Katongo Zambia Police Public Relations Officer

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