Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation

She just turned 40

The ever cheerful and warm character in Jeannette has been of great benefit to the Regional Bureau in Harare. Jeannette is well known for her warm and caring character and who’s life is mostly lived for others. A great events planner and a definitive administrator who has an appetite for finer details. She has just turned forty and the SARPCCO family has every reason to celebrate. During the birthday bash thrown for her at INTERPOL Regional Bureau Harare. The team was all smiles as hugs were exchanged. What a way to celebrate a colleagues birthday!!

Practice makes perfect

The Head of the Bureau, Mr. Mubita NAWA gave an official remark thanking the staff for recognizing each other’s worth by remembering to celebrate each other’s birthdays. Mr NAWA said, “We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way to truly appreciate anyone of you is by practicing and implementing family values in our real work environment. This is why we’ve set a tradition that’s full of care and appreciation for life and health in the work place. We endeavor to mold a very conducive environment for work by stressing on the importance of each and everyone’s professional efforts and as well complementing one another thereby, solving questions and challenges pertaining to our work as a team”.

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