Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation

Our story

September 19-22 1994, A Regional Seminar for Police Executives was held in Mananga, Swaziland and the Seminar resolved to continue the actions of the Frontline Chiefs of Police. May 8-20 1995, A Regional Police Workshop was conducted in Harare, Zimbabwe. From this workshop a proposal to name the new organisation SARPCCO was collectively and unanimously agreed. July 31-August 1 1995, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, a Regional Meeting of Frontline States Chiefs of Police was held to discuss and ratify the proposal tabled by the Regional Police Workshop. This meeting resulted in the confirmation of the new Regional Police Organisation as SARPCCO. On August 2 1995, again in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, there was a Meeting of Government Ministers Responsible for the Police who made a landmark adoption of SARPCCO as a Regional Organisation. 

They further undertook to establish the Interpol Sub-Regional Bureau (SRB) for Southern Africa in Harare, Zimbabwe and also agreed to let the Interpol SRB be the SARPCCO Secretariat.
On the 3rd of February 1997, Interpol Sub-Regional Bureau became operational in Harare, Zimbabwe
On the 1st of October 1997, an agreement was reached in respect of Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in the area of Crime Combating. Additionally, the adoption of the SARPCCO Constitution passed.
Following an agreement signed between the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Interpol General Secretariat in Harare on 19 July 1996, His Excellency President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe officially opened the Interpol Sub-Regional Bureau on the 1st of October 1997.

the organisation

The member countries in the Southern African region realised the nascent need to cooperate at the regional levels in order to address regional crimes that were not only threatening the peace and tranquillity of the region but also impacting negatively on the socio-economic and political front.

Founding Principles

The operation and function of SARPCCO is premised on the Founding Principles as enunciated and enshrined on Article 5 of the SARPCCO Constitution. This has helped the organization remain focused and united the purpose of the entity and not compromising on its professional…..

coordination Office

The Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Coordination Organisation (SARPCCO) was formed in 1995 outside the SADC Structure and had its own constitution, structures and working independently from SADC.¬†¬†This has been due to the fact that the Police Sector at SADC was not….

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