Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation

Achievements an overview

According to the legal mandate of SARPCCO, the Organization since 1998 has played a pivotal role in enhancing police cooperation among the Member Countries especially in the fight against regional and trans-national organized crimes. The following are some of the achievements:

  1. Promote, strengthen and perpetuate co-operation and foster joint strategies for the management of all forms of cross-border and related crimes with regional implications; SARPCCO has managed to convene Statutory and extraordinary Meetings including Annual General Meetings for Police Chiefs and it’s Technical Meetings that have enhanced to promote and strengthen the cooperation amongst the Member Countries. During the meetings, they have constantly discussing joint strategies for the management of all forms of cross-border and related crimes.
  2. Prepare and disseminate relevant information on criminal activities as may be necessary to benefit Members States to contain crime in the Region; Through the use of INTERPOL Capabilities including use of I-24/7 System, Member Countries have successfully been communicating on intelligence, joint operations and exchange of fugitives in combating transnational organized crime.
  3. Carry out regular reviews of joint crime management strategies in view of changing national and regional needs and priorities;
    SARPCCO has been developing Training Modules for Police and other law enforcement agencies and has been reviewing the said Module including other preventive and combating strategies against cross-border crimes with a view of suiting the contemporary crime trends, forms and patterns.
  4. Ensure efficient operation and management of criminal records and effective joint monitoring of cross-border crime taking full advantage of the relevant facilities available through Interpol; Through the use of INTERPOL Capabilities like Databases, Notices (Red Notes), member countries have managed to minimize crimes within the region and some of the crimes have been controlled to a greater extent.
  5. Make relevant recommendations to governments of Member States in relation to matters affecting effective policing in the Region; Through the statutory and extraordinary meeting held by the Police Chiefs, several recommendations have been made to the Member Countries which have facilitated the fight against cross border crimes. Some of the positive and successful initiatives include but not limited to:

    • Introduction of a SARPCCO Regional Motor Vehicle Clearance Vehicle.
    • Introduction of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on the Repatriation of Stolen Motor    Vehicles,
    • Harmonization of legislations.
    • Coordination of effective joint operations to tackle transitional Organized crime namely:
    • Bilateral operations…
    • Regional operations …
    • Annual inter-regional operation with East Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO)
    • Introduction of SARPCCO Code of Conduct, which facilitates the effective and efficient conducting  Meetings in the region
  6. Formulate systematic regional police training policies and strategies taking into account the needs and performance requirements of the regional police services/forces; SARPCCO has managed to develop a Training Policy whereby an Annual Plan of Action or Regional Training Calendar is prepared to conduct different training programmes targeting the priority crimes in the region for capacity building purposes of the Police Forces/Services. The Organization has conducted Train the Trainers Courses and Ad hoc workshops/seminars based on the needs.
  7. Carry out any such relevant and appropriate acts and strategies for purposes of promoting regional police co-operation and collaboration as regional circumstances dictate. SARPCCO despite it being a Police Organization, it has successfully done the following for purposes of promoting regional police co-operation and collaboration as regional circumstances dictate:
  • Introduction of SARPCCO Games for policing by sports which are anticipated to run on annual basis
  • Creation of a special Police Women Network Sub Committee that has managed to conduct several women empowerment trainings/seminars and joint operations to fight against gender based violence and child abuse in collaboration with other regional stakeholders and enhancement of gender quality within Police Forces/Services.
  • Establishment of a SARPCCO Center of Excellence, graduation highlights, and the affiliation to the University of Zimbabwe.
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