Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation

What Guides Us

The operation and function of SARPCCO is premised on the Founding  Principles as enunciated and enshrined on Article 5 of SARPCCO Constitution. This has helped the organization to remain focused and united under the purpose of the entity and not compromising on its professional and regional conduct. Member States that are Parties to the Protocol shall adhere to the following principles of co-operation:

  1. The Spirit of Mutual Cooperation
  2. Equality of all member states Police Force/Service
  3. Non-Political Professionalism 
  4. Mutual Benefit to all Member States
  5. Observance of all Human Rights
  6. Non-Discriminatory and Flexibility of Working Methods 
  7. Mutual Respect and Good Will 
The policy, administration and operations of SARPCCO remain rooted in these working principles and further enhancing the cooperation and unifying the region in all matters pertaining to policing. The benefits to member countries are immense in that Trans-national crimes has been checked, collectively managing stability for all concerned member countries. Gone are the days when trans-national organized crime brought about havens for criminal elements in the region, for today, we cherish the collective approach from the whole region and beyond, to flash out hideouts sheltering these criminals in the region.

Enlightenment is not just one state

Get to know more about our organization. We are alive in August through the SARPCCO Games for the 10th time since our inception. We value sport and allow our member countries to mix and mingle thereby exchanging ideas and talent. 10th SARPPCO GAMES 2019!!

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