Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation

Human Trafficking

An Overview

Human trafficking (modern day slavery)
Human trafficking is a crime where victims are either forced or deceived into situations where they end up being exploited for the sexual pleasure of others, for cheap or free labour as well as for their vital body organs. The phenomenon has practically globally whisked attention from all other Transnational Crimes in that it has a serious bearing on humanity and touches on almost all Fundamental Rights of the human being. A trafficked human being is physically restricted, mentally abused, psychologically tormented as well as socially devastated.

While the whole world stood firm and ensured that slavery was written off as an unacceptable hence socially reputable exercise, the practice has continued to raise its ugly head in the form of Human Trafficking. While in the past slave hunters chased around for victims, these days the victims are lured through false promises of escape from abject poverty and at times victims are even made to pay their way to slavery in the form of Visa fees, travel and accommodation fees in transit.

Due to the Region’s economic conditions we have seen Organised Criminals using the Region as a transit zone to far away countries as well as a source for the human loot. Most of the countries in the Region do not have specific laws to deal with Human Trafficking hence the ‘legal chaos’ in the region might provide ‘good’ hunting ground and safe havens for the wicked modern day slave masters and hunters.

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