Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation
Southern Africa region is experiencing a variety and measures of developing and entrenching organized crime phenomenon and activities. The region is plagued with presence of International Criminal Markets, Organized Crime Groupings and Individuals. Their presence though hard to identify, define and clearly isolate for quantifiable law enforcement targeting and combating, is manifested through various operational crime commission tactics and strategies. Key among being the use of Technology and KEY FACILITATORS who control transnational organized crime presence by coordinating crime markets, facilitating and empowering street criminal gangs and small opportunistic crime committers/offenders with resource. SARPCCO Chief Of Police Structure through INTERPOL Regional Bureau, Harare as Coordination Office, has embarked on a renewal approaches on law enforcement mechanisms including effective regional partnership, pointed and directed orientation policing solutions such as Hot Spot Criminal Analysis, Geographical and Countries' opportunistic and Drivers of sophisticated transnational organized crime importation of resources/skills/tools from other regions. SARPCCO, RB and SADC Secretariat have tailored made law enforcement responses equal to the task of addressing the problems.
SARPCCO Coordinator and Head of the INTERPOL Regional Bureau for Southern Africa
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