Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation



Resolution 14 of the 1st SARPCCO Annual General Meeting Held in Namibia from 29 – 30 July 1996 states the Rationale of the SARPCCO Games as Follows;

  1. To organise, regulate and administer sports for both men and women who are regular serving Police Forces/Services members of all age groups
  2. To foster regional friendship, understanding and cooperation (in the quest to fight-combat transnational crime) through sports



Responsibilities of the hosting country

  • Organize  accommodation and meals for the visiting countries;
  • Provide transportation of teams and officials during the Games;
  • Organizing suitable playing fields and venue for the Games;
  • Provide security during the games

With time the games grew from strength to strength achieving the objectives of SARPCCO.

Games are good. They bring us together. We become a very big family with controlled emotions and a very high sense of personal and team responsibility.

Previous hosting countries

Namibia 1997
South Africa 1999
Botswana 2001
South Africa 2003

Ever since, we never looked back

The following years

Zimbabwe 2007
Malawi 2009
D.R. Congo 2011
Eswatini 2015

2019 sarpcco games in luanda angola

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