Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation

The organisation

The member countries in the Southern African region realised the nascent need to cooperate at the regional levels in order to address regional crimes that were not only threatening the peace and tranquillity of the region but also impacting negatively on the socio-economic and political front. This fore sight led to the formation of SARPCCO. Guided by the desire to be a facilitator of the most effective law enforcement cooperation in the region and beyond, the vision and mission of the SARPCCO Secretariat conform to the constitutions of both Interpol and SARPCCO.The Secretariat is guided by a set of principles upon which all regional policing initiatives are based. The SARPCCO Constitution provides for the Chiefs of Police of other countries to apply for SARPCCO membership.

Police Chiefs Subcommittee (PCSC): The highest decision-making body that presides on all policy matters and oversees regional police cooperation as well as the proper functioning of all SARPCCO structures.

Permanent Coordinating Committee (PCC): Comprising Heads of the Criminal Investigation Services of each member country, this committee coordinates regional cooperation, plans and executes joint crime combating operations as well as the implementation of all SARPCCO Resolutions. The Constitution of SARPCCO empowers both the PCSC and PCC to appoint such committees or units as they deem fit for its operations.

The Legal Sub-Committee: This constitutes Heads of Legal Units of respective police forces/services, this committee attends to all legal matters that may hamper police cooperation and lobbies for harmonising of Regional legislation.

The Training Sub-Committee: Made up of the Directors of Training Units of respective police forces/services, this committee coordinates and conducts Regional Operational Police training needs analyses and the implementation of capacity building interventions.

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