Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation

Security Officer S. Chimusewu Farewell

A Befitting Sendoff

Detective Sergeant (DS) Samaritan Chimusewu was seconded to INTERPOL by the Zimbabwe Government on the 25th of July 2011. He served INTERPOL diligently occupying the position of Security Officer for eight (8) years. DS Chimusewu distinguished himself as a professional who is competent and an excellent communicator at all levels, bearing in mind that he was the focal point for receiving visitors and supervising other junior staff. He carried himself soundly well and exhibited an extraordinary degree of expertise and congealed well in a multi-cultural organisation like SARPCCO and INTERPOL.

Mr. chimusewu's comment

Asked to comment about what he has gained by being in the INTERPOL system for 8 years, Sergeant Chimusewu recapped that he gained solid experience through working with professionals and saw his acumen improving so much. “I am now able to work very well with a computer using programmes such as Power Point Presentation, Microsoft Excel, Word and Publisher. These were the programmes I didn’t know about before I came to INTERPOL. I can safely say that SARPCCO and INTERPOL has accorded me personal development opportunities thereby bringing value to my policing propensity. My security background has been heightened because I could interrelate with Officers from diverse backgrounds and it was quite beneficial.”

Appreciation from staff

“Let me also hasten to say that my induction into the system was very important and eye opening, especially on security matters. I will miss the whole team at INTERPOL and SARPCCO and most profoundly on the way information is shared professionally across the board.” During the pomp and fanfare farewell occasion held for Sergeant Chimusewu, the Head of INTERPOL RB HARARE and SARPCCO COORDINATOR Mr. Mubita NAWA, alluded to the much value attained by the organisation during the service tenure of Mr. Chimusewu and wished him well in all his future endeavors.

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