Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation


A violent crime is any criminal offense where intentional harm is inflicted against another individual during the commission of the crime. It involves the use of, or even the threat of force or violence. Notably, violence is the objective and the infliction of the harm may, or may not be committed through the use of weapons.
Serious and violent crime is a problem throughout the Southern African region.

Crimes related to violence against women, especially rape, murder and child sexual abuse, constitute a disturbing phenomenon that appears to be endemic in the region. Child Sexual Abuse is a reality in every society even though to a large extent not spoken about and is largely invisible. Dozens of women are murdered everyday across the region.

There are various types of violent crimes which include the following:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Robbery

SARPCCO has initiated programs that are meant to reduce or stop violent crimes in the Southern Africa Region. The rising statistics of the crime has brought to the attention of SARPCCO a need to create policy arrangements that propagate peaceful domestic conflict resolutions.

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